Horoscope for the week – from 23 to 29 March 2020

It is safe to say that between 23 and 29 March the beginning of the week will be as hostile as possible for Aries. Your task during this period – to keep the maximum patience and, if you have debts, it is absolutely possible to say that you banal will not be able to give them away. The best investment for you is, of course, education.


Work – the situation here is extremely ambiguous, because the efforts made will not always bring the expected result. Yes, of course, you will make every effort to please the management and at the end of this week it will bear fruit. However, with loved ones there is a risk of serious damage to the relationship, there will be quite a lot of problems because of your employment.


What Aries can really relax is in the field of play. It is best to start mastering new strategies, which are often used in virtual roulette or slot machines. Sitting at home or with friends, you will learn new techniques and be able to apply them in practice.


Tradition, omens and conservative decisions this time will also bring you good dividends, pay special attention to it.

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