Gambling horoscope for Taurus for this week (March 16-22)

Taurus, ale-op and you’re already a millionaire! Cool, isn’t it? But this should have been expected – sooner or later – because any effort and expectations should be rewarded. The period from 16 to 22 March will be saturated with positive in all its manifestations: smiles, joy, cheerful companies, successes at work, meetings with new interesting people, steep travels and purse, full of rustling bills. In short, bets are made, respected Taurus and Game will be Fair – that is honest, without the preferences of the player or casino. And whatever choice you make: red, black, Even (betting on even numbers) or Odd (betting on the odd) – still luck will accompany constantly.


It always happens: after a dark strip there is light and bright. Use it to the fullest. You deserve it! Taurus will be talked about this week with particular enthusiasm as the smartest, most talented, extraordinary, savvy, lucky, lucky. This is your finest hour! Don’t push him!

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