Gambling horoscope for Gemini for this week (March 16-22)

You have not noticed that many people devote more and more time to their health, and you, dear Gemini, are not yet in shape. And well, without slowing down for a minute, start to engage yourself – morning jogging and warm-up will not only lift the mood, and help to lose extra pounds. The stars say that next month you have to find your new image and then luck, which has now turned away from you, will turn 180 degrees and give you your radiant smile.


So from 16 to 22 March will begin radical changes in your life for the better. You love gold, don’t you? Therefore, the most ideal option to play in the casino “Golden Chip.” The only prejudice – be honest with the girl-Luck, so that she was honest with you, then you are sure to become friends and you will see how she will skillfully blink at the right time.


In matters of the heart stars advise you not to be too touchy, because everyone has character, do not forget. Appreciate what you have.

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