Gambling horoscope for Aquarius for this week (March 16-22)

The week of March 16-22 is full of emotional and emotional take-off for Aquarians. The rise and excitement of the past week flow smoothly into its continuation. In general, this week will keep Aquarians all the best that has been achieved in the previous period.


Therefore , do not leave the effort to keep the level already reached.


If the tension of forces in the previous period has reached some critical point – rest. Rest for Aquarians has never been a complete relaxation. Yes, however, it is not necessary. All the Aquarians need now is a little respite.


In order not to lose shape and not to spend a long time to restore the previous level of performance, you can maintain your intellectual and emotional tone in the tickling nerves of gambling. Let it be small bets, but Aquarius should not hold back emotions. Play as if there is a million at stake!


A stormy reaction to losses and wins, emotional outbursts, positive emotions – will help Aquarians shake, and recharge batteries for the next period.


But as soon as you feel that the game has ceased to bring pleasure, that fun teetering on the verge of hysterics – immediately throw the game!

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